My #Teacher5aday Pledge: 2018

With #wellbeing as a value in our new school I was keen to embed the #teacher5aday principles in the fabric of Aureus School from day 1.

wellbeing teacher5aday 2-18

Charlotte, our Staff Wellbeing lead works, alongside Julie, our Culture and Wellbeing lead, to create the strategy of our provision.

Our mission: to create a healthy happy school.

Our vision: to ensure that the staff’s wellbeing is prioritised as well as the students’ as often it is at the expense of.

Our provision: we have a #wellbeing room, with #wellbeing pledges and a #wellbeing champion. We have had half-termly #wellbeing Wednesdays and have had staff Mindfulness sessions. But, we are only scratching the service at the moment of balancing our workload with our #wellbeing.

We have had an intense 14 weeks since we opened – we have had an increased workload to manager as we are a start-up school. We are all hoping term 2 will settle and be a bit easier!

Aureus Values Wheel V2

I am committed to see our staff and our students ‘thrive’ and ‘flourish’ by creating the conditions  needed to nurture a #wellbeing culture.

I will continue to strive to model that we can be teachers and leaders but also establish balance in our pursuit of ‘work life harmony’.

This takes time – we do not have a magic wand, we do not have a life belt, but we do have the passion and purpose to work together on How to Thrive as Teachers as opposed to How to Survive as Teachers.

As the headteacher I need to work harder at modelling this and not being the human sponge.  I equally need to ring fence my own #wellbeing and not allow myself to fall into the trap of looking after everyone else at my own expense.


My pledge:


  • I need to work harder at maintaining my relationships with my friends and former colleagues in London. Since moving my first 9 months have been busy, but I now need to make sure I invest in sustaining these friendships.
  • I need to continue to get myself out and about in my new area to meet new people – at the moment they have all been through education – but I am trying.
  • I will meet a new tribe and build new friendships this year as I am travelling to Mozambique for the summer.


  • I need to find another yoga class as my teacher has moved on.
  • I need to ride my bike more.
  • I need to find a dance class to resume.


  • I need to explore the benefits of mindfulness more regularly.
  • I need to go on more walks to explore my new area.
  • I am considering buying a SLR as I used to do a lot of black and white photography which makes you stop, pause and look at the details of your surroundings.


  • I will continue reading, reflecting on and publishing the #TalkingHeadsblog
  • I will continue reading professional books by teachers and leaders – my aim is one per month – I have a stack that have been sent to me to get through!
  • I will complete my Electric Woman coaching programme with Nikki Armytage-Foy.
  • I will continue to go to choir once a week with Sarah Louise Chitty and Vocalize.


teacher5aday 2018

Happy 2018 everyone! May you THRIVE this year as I intend to.

Hannah, The Hopeful Headteacher

Currently feeling hopeful about:

  • Consolidating the life choices and lifestyle changes I initiated last year and making further changes this year.

Currently reading and thinking about:

Currently feeling grateful for:

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