Inspiring Leadership: Creating a Legacy

It has been a crazy few weeks in the final push for getting Aureus ready to open so I have fallen a bit behind with blogging my reflections. I want to capture my journey and experiences in my founding year so bear with me as I catch up!

Inspiring Leadership 2017 was held in Birmingham a few weeks ago. It was the first time I have been able to make it, and Steve Mumby had contacted me asking me to contribute a session on Diversity. I could only make day 2 of 3.

Opening – Steve Mumby:

I had not met Steve before nor heard him speak but I am delighted I caught his  closing key note before he steps down. He spoke with such integrity, conviction and passion about our profession – I can see why he is mentioned in so many of the #TalkingHeadsBlog posts as inspiring a generation of Headteachers.

Opening – Alastair Campbell:

I have been following Alastair for a while as we are both Leadership Matters Ambassadors. He spoke about his work with football teams and taking a group of people and creating a team. I particularly loved his section on the eyes of the children and how by having pictures up around school it holds us to account.

Session 1:

I attended the session with Dr Elly Barnes, a former teacher, from Educate and Celebrate on LGBT+ identity and belonging in schools. I have been aware of her work through Claire Stoneman and her tweets/ blogs. The session did not disappoint – I learnt lots and I was challenged lots. I am excited that Aureus will be working with them next year to ensure that our community is inclusive of all genders, gender assignments and sexual orientations.

Session 2:

I delivered my session on How to Create A Diverse Leadership Team – we had a good turn out and some interesting discussions based on the anecdotes and data I shared from our Diverse Leaders Programme.

Closing – James Kerr:

Building on from the football theme in the morning keynote we moved on to a rugby theme for  the closing keynote. He spoke at length about his learnings from shadowing the All Blacks and shared his findings on their vision, values, ethos. He has recently written a book called Legacy which I sent to my Dad for Father’s Day. I was quite moved by the spiritual leadership this mystical team demonstrate to make them the most consistently high performing sports team in history. I just found this doodle no twitter that Paul Foster, a TSA colleague from Bromley did to capture his talk.

Paul Foster HER doodle

Closing – Panel:

Carolyn Roberts voice really resonated with me on the closing panel. She is a values-led school leader, she spoke eloquently and  gracefully about our responsibilities to the communities that we serve. I know she is writing a book on Ethical Leadership so I am excited to get my hands on a copy of that!

My connections in the day:

It was fab to meet lots more of my edu-twitter connections. It was great as always to see Penny, Kate C, Lizzy, Maria and re-connect with Gillian  from @womenedCanada

My reflections on the day:

I was asked to speak about Diversity at an event with a predominantly white male line up, I know there was a Somalian Refugee who opened on day 1 and inspired everyone with her personal journey but the main stage was dominated by a mono-culture the day I was there, moreover the power was very much with male leaders. This was further exasperated by multiple sports analogies.

I was inspired by the words I heard but I was equally frustrated by the lack of visible diversity at the event. Moreover, the speakers were predominantly independent advisors, consultants and motivational speakers.

I feel like I am stuck in an echo chamber as I keep challenging the big events with the same feedback: Who are we trying to inspire? How do the speakers reflect the audience?

My legacy will be championing diverse line ups at edu-events until we see a shift in how line ups are curated.

Hannah, The Hopeful Headteacher

Currently feeling hopeful about:

  • More diverse panels!

Currently reading and thinking about:

  • I will be reading Legacy once my Dad has finished it…

Currently feeling grateful for:

  • The opportunity to attend and contribute to Inspiring Leadership 2017
  • The future collaboration with Educate and Celebrate

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