#WinterCalendar: Getting Perspective

When Viv Grant asked me to contribute a #wellbeing blog for the #WinterCalendar, a collaboration with #Teacher5aday, I didn’t realise quite how cathartic it would be. I reflected on the themes she wanted reflections on and offered to one on aligning yourself with your values. I entitled it ‘Getting Perspective’ as that is what I have spent a year doing.

I dug deep, to my core, and I shared. I believe in honesty, transparency and authenticity, so I modelled it. My professional contacts may choose to see the confident, composed version of me I present, but my personal contacts know that this does not mean that I do not have my own struggles and challenges to find solutions to. I have navigated some rough seas this year, but the experience has made me a better sailor as I set off on a new course.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and tweeted that the post resonated with you. I am touched at the feedback and am delighted to be shortlisted for the #WinterCalendar blog award.

My reflections are re-posted here:

12 months ago I was a shell. I was constantly, tired, stressed and questioning what I was doing.

I was constantly asking myself: Why are you working so hard? Why is good never good enough? Why does the workload never reduce? Why am I losing myself in this role?

My friends and family were worried about me, but they all tiptoed around me for fear of upsetting me, for fear of having their heads ripped off for speaking the truth.

I vocalised my frustration and unhappiness at work but I could not articulate what it was precisely that was making me feel like this.

I was beginning to lose control. I was beginning to lose myself. So I resigned.

I was told I was committing career suicide. To the contrary I was committing career salvation.

A week up a mountain, skiing with the family gave me perspective. The snow, the sky, the fresh air gave me much-needed headspace.

I had been asking the wrong questions, I should have been asking: Why did I become a teacher? Why do I lead? Why am I feeling frustrated?

The answer was simple: my values were being compromised and without values who are we?

So go outside this Christmas, go for a walk, fill your lungs with fresh air, return to your why and you will feel the weight lift.

Hannah, The Hopeful Headteacher

Currently feeling hopeful about:

  • Contributing to a #Wellbeing think tank with Viv Grant, Kathryn Lovewell, Sue Webb and Steve Russell.
  • Supporting Angie Browne with the launch of #NourishEd and going to the #SpringSupper.

Currently reading and thinking about:

  • Thrive, Arianna Huffington

Currently feeling grateful for:

  • Viv Grant for initiating the #WinterCalendar and Headteacher Nurture Meals – looking forward to attending the March one.

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