My #Teacher5aday Pledge: 2017

With #wellbeing as a value in our new school community I am keen to embed the #teacher5aday principles in the fabric of Aureus School from day 1. I will strive to model that we can be teachers and leaders but also establish balance in our pursuit of ‘work life harmony’.

I want to see our staff and our students ‘thrive’ and ‘flourish’ by creating the conditions  needed to nurture a #wellbeing culture.

My pledge:


  • I will continue to drive the growth of our #WomenEd community and support aspiring leaders through the DfE coaching pledge.
  • I will continue in my role as a Primary Governor as it will give me insight in my role as Headteacher of a Year 7 school.
  • I will support the activity of #BAMEed as it is a movement I believe passionately that will affect change in the system, for the better of all.


  • I will maintain my relationships with friends and colleagues in London when I move to Oxford.
  • I will get myself out and about in my new area to meet new people through some of the activities I have pledged to continue/ start.
  • I will grow my friendships with the people I spent my summer in  Tanzania with, both the local teachers and the volunteers.


  • I will continue reading professional books by teachers and leaders.
  • I will complete my NPQH and build in visits to  Headteachers I have connected with to learn from their experiences a few years ahead of me.
  • I will join a choir as I love music and singing.


  • I will start a daily gratitude journal and continue my Happy Moments: Live, Love, Laugh pot to remind myself of all of the fab things in my life.
  • I will explore the benefits of mindfulness.
  • I will go on more walks to explore my new area.


  • I will ride my bike more.
  • I will find a yoga class to join in Oxford.
  • I will go out dancing more!

Happy 2017 everyone! May this year be full of even more love, luck and laughter.

Hannah, The Hopeful Headteacher

Currently feeling hopeful about:

  • Maintaining some of the changes from last year and making more positive choices to impact my lifestyle and #wellbeing this year.

Currently reading and thinking about:

  • Thrive, Arianna Huffington

Currently feeling grateful for:

  • Martyn Reah for the #teacher5aday pledges.
  • Naomi Ward for the #teacher5aday journal.
  • Viv Grant for the #WinterCalendar.
  • Angela Browne for #NourishEd.
  • Maria Alexander for the #HealthyToolkit.

3 thoughts on “My #Teacher5aday Pledge: 2017

  1. Thanks for this : so many things chime here : joining a choir , reading educational books and walking more in my case with my enormous boxer dog but I am going to start a daily positivity journal in what will certainly be an inspection year 🙏


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